• Threading
  • Eyebrows - £6
  • Threading Lip - £4
  • Threading Chin - £3
  • Threading Sides - £7
  • Neck Thread - from £5
  • Threading Full face - from £15
  • Eyelash tint - £9
  • Eyebrow tint - £6


  • Enhance general appearance of eyes
  • Great for people with known sensitivity to make-up
  • Good for sporting activities, especially swimming
  • Good for people with no time to apply make-up daily
  • Will benefit contact lens wearers
  • Good for people with fine eyebrows

*^*^*^*Important: a patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to tinting to ensure no sensitivity to the product exists. The reason for a test is to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction.

The patch test involves a bit of tint being mixed with peroxide and then put on the skin usually 
behind the ear, left on for 3-4 mins then removed. 24-48 Hrs after the test you need to look out for 
the skin being itchy, inflamed, red and any burning sensation.

During the treatments some people may feel the following sensations...slight nipping, heat or slight 
burning of itchy whilst the tint is on... in the event that it was feeling uncomfortable it would be 
removed immediately... most people however feel little if nothing at all.

Eyebrows can be changed, corrected and radically improved by a very simple, quick and
chemical free method.

By removing these excess hairs the skin becomes more suitable for eye makeup to be
applied and to blend the eye shadow

No need to strip the Superficial (Top) Layer of the skin like waxing does which over the time
causes ageing

Takes hair out of the roots decreases growth

Can create a defined straight line for definite shape

Quicker than plucking individual hairs

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I offer Spray Tans, Threading, Lash/brow tint, Manicure/pedicure, Shellac & Minx

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